Brian Tissot, Ph.D.

Director and Professor, Marine Laboratory and Humboldt Marine and Coastal Science Institute
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Phone: (707) 826-5827
Located in Life Sciences (VSCI) 230


My research lab is focused on the ecology and conservation of marine invertebrates and fishes in tropical and temperate ecosystems. Our projects investigate issues at the interface between conservation science, management, and policy. We use quantitative statistical approaches combined with geospatial tools to explore both physical and biological aspects of marine communities. The major focus of our work is on: 1) the role of marine protected areas in conserving marine diversity and promoting sustainable fisheries; 2) the importance of habitat for commercially important fishes with an emphasis on the role of structure-forming invertebrates; 3) understanding the ecological impacts of the global ornamental trade; and 4) long-term monitoring and restoration of black abalone populations.

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Administrative Experience

2012-13: Assoc. Dir., Research & Graduate Education, College of Arts & Sciences, WSUV
2011-12: Interim Director, Science Programs, WSU Vancouver
2010: Acting Director, Science Programs, WSU Vancouver
2005-2009: Associate Director, Science Programs, WSU Vancouver
1998-2003: Director, Science Programs, WSU Vancouver
1997-98: Director, Kalākaua Marine Education Center, University of Hawaii Hilo
1997-98: Chair, Marine Science Department, University of Hawaii Hilo

Graduate Students

Benthic Ecology Lab group

Recent Publications

Tissot, B. N. 2008. Video analysis, experimental design, and database management of submersible-based habitat studies. pp. 157-167 In J.R. Reynolds and H.G. Greene (eds). Marine Habitat Mapping Technology for Alaska, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, Fairbanks, AK. CD-ROM. doi:10.4027/mhmta.2008.11

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Tissot, B. N., W. W. Wakefield, M. A. Hixon and J. E. R. Clemons. 2008. Twenty years of fish-habitat studies on Heceta Bank, Oregon. pp. 203-217 In J.R. Reynolds and H.G. Greene (eds). Marine Habitat Mapping Technology for Alaska, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, Fairbanks, AK. CD-ROM.doi:10.4027/mhmta.2008.15

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Stevenson, T. C. , B. N. Tissot and W. J. Walsh. 2013. Socioeconomic Consequences of Fishing Displacement from Marine Protected Areas in Hawaii. Biol. Conserv. In press. 


  • PhD Zoology, Oregon State University (1991)
  • MS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine (1985)
  • BS Biological Sciences, Cal Poly State Univ., San Luis Obispo (1980)

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