Dr. Cheryl Schultz

Associate Professor
Phone: (360) 546-9525
Fax: (360) 546-9064
Located in Life Sciences (VSCI) 230


Course ID Title Meeting Time Location Semester Syllabus
Bio 372 Ecology
Bio 567 Ecological Restoration
Bio 568 Conservation Ecology

Recent Publications

Severns, Paul M., E. J. B. McIntire and C. B. Schultz. 2013.  Evaluating functional connectivity with matrix behavior uncertainty for an endangered butterfly. Landscape Ecology Online First

Carleton, A. and C. B. Schultz. 2013.  Restoration action and species response: Oviposition habits of Plebejus icarioides fenderi across a restoration chronosequence in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA. Journal of Insect Conservation Online First.

Henry, E. H. and C. B. Schultz. 2013 A first step towards successful habitat restoration and reintroduction: Understanding oviposition site selection of an imperiled butterfly, mardon skipper.  Journal of Insect Conservation 17: 183-194.

Schultz, C. B., A. Franco and E. E. Crone.  2012. Response of butterflies to structural and resource boundaries. Journal of Animal Ecology 81: 724-734.

LaBar, C. and C. B. Schultz. 2012. Investigating the effects of grass-specific herbicides on non-target butterflies.  Natural Areas Journal in press.

Schultz, C. B, E. Henry, A. Carleton, T. Hicks, R. Thomas*, A. Potter, M. Collins, M. Linders, C. Fimbel, S. Black, H. Anderson, G. Diehl, S. Hamman, R. Gilbert, J. Foster, D. Hays, D. Wilderman, R. Davenport, E. Steel, N. Page, P. Lilley, J. Heron, N. Kroeker, C. Webb and B. Reader. 2011.Conservation of prairie-oak butterflies in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Northwest Science 85: 361-388

Beyer, L, and C. B. Schultz. 2010. Oviposition selection by rare grass skipper Polites mardon in montane habitats: advancing ecological understanding for developing conservation strategies. Biological Conservation 143: 862-872

Russell, C. and C. B. Schultz. 2010.  Investigating the use of herbicides to control invasive grasses: effects on at-risk butterflies. Journal of Insect Conservation 14:53-63.

Schultz, C. B., J. Dzurisin and C. Russell. 2009.  Captive rearing of Puget blue butterflies, Icaricia icarioides blackmorei, and implications for conservation. Journal of Insect Conservation 13:309-315.

Crone, E. E., and C. B. Schultz. 2008. Old models explain new observations of butterfly movement at patch edges. Ecology 89:2061-2067.