Psych 401 Evaluations

Mike Morgan

Psych 401: Historical Development of Psychology

Fall 2011


Summary of Student ratings (5.00 = Agree strongly)

Instructor Communication:      4.88

Instructor as a resource:      4.82

Instructor responsiveness:      4.62

Student responsibilities and exams:      4.75

Student Comments

 Love the enthusiasm and humor you bring to lecture. Also enjoy the in class activities and discussions. Keep up the great work.

 Would have liked lecture notes for each day in advance so I could have tanken notes on the slides presented in class.

 Best professor I’ve ever had! Love the teaching style.

 This course is outside my major, but approved for my program of study. I really enjoyed this course and the instructor.

 Great instructor. Knows the subject material well. I will be taking a class instructed by Dr. Morgan next semester because I find him to be a valuable mentor.

 This is what a college course is supposed to be like: Informative, thought provoking, and challenging. Dr. Morgan used a variety of methods to deliver concepts in an interesting and engaging way. By far one of my best experiences at WSUV.

 I loved this class! It was my favorite this semester! Thank you, Mike, for making it so enjoyable. I learned so much and it made me love psychology even more. Thank you for the awesome readings we had. I loved the books. You are an excellent instructor and are truly valued here at WSUV by the students! Go you!!! J

 Dr. Morgan is an amazing instructor. I’ve never enjoy so much in the class material. He is very creative and warm. I love this class. Even though the material can be difficult sometimes, but I think he really helped me to think critically. Awesome, awesome teacher!

 What an amazing professor! This class was interesting and thought provoking because of him.

 I really loved this class—by far my favorite so far (I am a senior, too!). Mike Morgan is hands down one of my two very favorite professors.

 Look forward to having this instructor again in the future.

 A very good class. Highly educated and helpful professor. I would highly recommend other students to this class with this professor. Thank you.

 Really enjoyed the class, he certainly makes the lectures informative and interesting!

 Loved the no textbook approach. Didn’t like or enjoy so much group discussion.

 I felt that the exams were graded to hard and did not reflect my knowledge of the area that we studied.

 This was the best instructor I have ever had in any school. He was very interesting to listen to and I gained a lot of information from his teaching. AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!

 Very good lecturer. He made the class enjoyable, and wanted student interaction.

 My favorite teacher at WSUV in my years being here! Made every lecture fun & interesting.

 Course was very interesting and I would highly recommend taking a class with professor Morgan.

 Great job! By far one of my favorite classes J

 Dr. Morgan is awesome! I was not interested in the material but took the class anyway, knowing that he would make it interesting.

 Great course & instructor!!

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