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Psych 372: Biological Basis of Behavior

Spring 2012

Michael Morgan

Enrollment = 53

Great professor! Funny! Makes me want to learn! J

Really awesome teacher! Organized and outstanding.

Loved the class. Wanted to take the next neuroscience class (#4??) but it is not being offered. Get a neuroscience program!! I want it!!!

Mike Morgan is a great teacher.

Mike is a very enthusiastic and intellectual instructor. He was always very clear in the manner in which he presented the material. I enjoyed his class and interactive teaching style very much. 

Mike is my favorite teacher, though I wish he was a female, prettier to look at! Ha! J

Great class! Good Teacher!

I truly appreciated this instructors teaching style and how he was able to make the subject interesting and hands on.

Mike is a fantastic instructor. His excitement and interest in this topic is electric. His sense of humor and deep understanding of the topic made this class a joy to be in.

I like the flow of the classes and having quizzes every week rather than 1 big test. Makes it easier to concentrate on certain areas. Very good instructor.

Pork chop sandwiches!

Great instructor, always looking forward to his class material. Taking more classes from him next semester.

The class was very interesting. The instructor was very helpful and explained the concepts extremely well. I enjoyed taking this class and would definitely recommend the instructor to someone else!

Very enjoyable class format and professor.

As always, any class with you is fun and entertaining!

Great professor! Wish there was background noise because late classes = grumbling tummy.

Awesome professor for sure! So enthusiastic and a sense of humor always help keep the students interested. I would definitely take another class from him in the future.

I really enjoyed this class and it has opened my interest to neurology. Well organized and lectures were very helpful and at a perfect pace. Thank you.

This was a great class. The instructor created a clear outline through powerpoints which summarized relevant and salient points and made the class fun to be in. Thank you!

Mike is an excellent instructor. He is prompt and incredibly passionate about what he does. I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to learn from him. This dude knows what he’s talking about! He deserves a raise, and cupcakes.

I love the enthusiasm, definitely made it easier to pay attention. I also loved the little group activities. I wouldn’t have done as well in this class if it wasn’t for those. Overall, Mike was awesome teacher & knew his stuff, made it easier for me to learn. I really enjoyed this class.

Really great class, excellent professor—Mike Morgan is the type of professor who just makes students interested in the course materials. Also, very thankful that there was a study session weekly for the course. TA Davina Fitzgibbon—I attended every one! I know that the extra time offered outside of class helped me retain the material & understand it better—the weekly quizzes were really helpful, too! J

I enjoy your teaching style but would like a more frequent grade update, maybe around midterms.

Thanks  Nice Course—This course should be a lower level prerequisite for biology courses.

Mike is a great teacher. He makes lectures fun, exciting and very enjoyable. He is very intelligent and I would gladly take another class from him or recommend him to another student.

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