Michael Sutcliffe

Instructor, Activist, Advocate.
Phone: (360) 546-9227
Located in Multimedia (VMMC) 207
Office Hours: Lots and lots and more if you ask!

I am a quiet and shy recluse (cough) that loves tattoos and piercings, bad words and brussel sprouts, but before and after everything else, I am an advocate and an activist.


Course ID Title Meeting Time Location Semester Syllabus
ENGL 101 Introductory Writing
ENGL 402 Technical and Professional Communications
UCOL 302 Advanced Writing Tutorial
English 202 Grammar in Context


I am a scholar of rhetoric and critical literacy, and I am interested in the ways that language interacts with power and privilege in situations where power has traditionally been reserved for heterosexual white men. I am involved with community literacy programs that operate in prisons and jails, and I use my research to bolster their attempts to extend access to disenfranchised, marginalized populations. I orient my work towards reteaching voters about the anti-democratic nature of incarceration so that we may interrupt the heteronormative racism of the prison industrial complex. I have previously done work with composition pedagogy's parallels in gang graffiti; writing program assessment as critical, public pedagogy; and on training instructors to work with multilingual writers and non-traditional students.





  • Prison Studies & Abolitionist Rhetorics
  • Queer Theories, (Trans)gender Theories
  • Marxism & Political Economies
  • Critical, Feminist, and Queer Pedagogies
  • Professional & Technical Writing/Communicating
  • TESOL; Teaching English Language Learners
  • Writing Assessment


  • AA, Las Positas College (Liberal Arts/Administration of Justice)
  • BA, California State University Sacramento (Rhetoric/Linguistics)
  • MA, Sacramento State University (Rhetoric/Tesol)
  • PhD (in progress), Washington State University (Rhetoric & Composition)