Michael Sutcliffe

Graduate Student, Activist, Advocate.
Phone: (360) 546-9227
Located in Multimedia (VMMC) 207
Office Hours: Lots and lots and more if you ask!

I am a quiet and shy recluse (cough) that loves tattoos and piercings, bad words and brussel sprouts. I've been a skydiver and pilot, a climber and hiker, and I am now learning to ice skate and sew, but most importantly, I am an advocate and a activist.


Course ID Title Meeting Time Location Semester Syllabus
ENGL 101 Introductory Writing
ENGL 402 Technical and Professional Writing
UCOL 302 Advanced Writing Tutorial


I am interested in the ways that language interacts with power and privilege in situations where power has traditionally been reserved for heterosexual white men. I am involved with literacy programs that operate in prisons and jails, and I use my research to bolster their attempts to extend access to disenfranchised, marginalized populations. I orient my work towards reteaching voters about the anti-democratic nature of incarceration so that we may interrupt the heteronormative racism of the prison industrial complex.

I am also interested in the ways that feminist & sex positive pornography resist the (re)inscription of homo & transphobias, and I believe LGBT activist organizations have a lot to teach about language use and misuse. I have previously done work with composition pedagogy's parallels in gang graffiti; writing program assessment as critical, public pedagogy; and on training instructors to work with multilingual writers and non-traditional students.





  • Prison Studies & Abolitionist Rhetorics
  • Pornography & Sex Positivism
  • Queer Theories, (Trans)gender Theories
  • Marxism & Political Economies
  • Critical, Feminist, and Queer Pedagogies
  • Writing Assessment


  • AA, Las Positas College (Liberal Arts/Administration of Justice)
  • BA, California State University Sacramento (Rhetoric/Linguistics)
  • MA, Sacramento State University (Rhetoric/Tesol)
  • PhD (in progress), Washington State University (Rhetoric & Composition)