Business Administration

Primary Contact
(360) 546-9750
Academic Director
Jane Cote
(360) 546-9756


Gregory Rose
Associate Professor of MIS
Classroom (VCLS) 308V
(360) 546-9766
Alberto Sa Vinhas
Associate Professor of Marketing
Classroom (VCLS) 308N
(360) 546-9146
Ronny Sailors
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Classroom (VCLS) 308B
(360) 546-9258
Tom Tripp
Rom Markin Leadership Chair in Business, Professor of Management, Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Classroom (VCLS) 308E
(360) 546-9754

Adjunct Faculty

Chris Magana
Professional Faculty: Finance
Classroom (VCLS) 308
(360) 546-9750