Request a directory addition or change

Please let us know if you are missing from the directory and should be added (current WSU Vancouver employees only), or if something should be changed in your existing directory entry. If you're requesting a change, only fill in information that needs to change.

If this is new entry, enter your name the way you would like it to appear at the top of your directory page.
Enter your position title, such as Associate Professor or Program Assistant
Please enter your department and any programs you are associated with. Refer to the existing directory sections for available options.
Please enter your building and room number. If you don't have an office on campus, note that as well and we will list your department's general location
Please enter your WSU Vancouver phone number. Only enter your personal phone number if you want that to be the primary number for people to contact you.
Photo should be at least 200px wide by 300px tall and cannot exceed 5mb. Please be sure that the photo is relatively professional looking and that it is not too tightly cropped. A bit of extra space in the photo makes it easier for us to use it.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.