Finance Directory

Finance Directory


Assistant Professor of Finance
(360) 546-9516
Classroom (VCLS) 308M
Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance
(360) 546-9169
Classroom (VCLS) CLS 308R
Assistant Professor of Management
(360) 546-9258
Classroom (VCLS) (As of Aug. '14, my office building and office number are being moved. This will be updated later in August.)

Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Leslie Clute
Adjunct - Finance
(360) 546-9538
Classroom (VCLS) 308
Picture of Chris Magana
Adjunct - Finance
(360) 546-9750
Classroom (VCLS) 308


Photo of Mary Stender
Academic Coordinator
(360) 546-9751
Classroom (VCLS) 308C