School of the Environment Directory

School of the Environment Directory


Senior Instructor
(360) 546-9347
Life Sciences (VSCI) 130P
photo of Dr. Steve Bollens
Professor and Director of Multi-Campus Planning and Strategic Initiatives, College of Arts and Sciences and College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
(360) 546-9116
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230Q
Associate Professor, School of the Environment (SoE)
(360) 546-9210
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230B
Associate Professor
(360) 546-9268
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230L
Assistant Professor, School of the Environment
(360) 546-9452
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230C
photo of Kevan Moffett
Assistant Professor of Environmental Hydrology
(360) 546-9413
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230P
photo of Dr. Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens
Associate Clinical Professor
(360) 546-9115
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230A

Affiliate Faculty

Professor of Biological Sciences
(360) 546-9612
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230
Photo of Leslie New
Assistant Professor of Statistics
(360) 546-9309
Life Sciences (VSCI) 130M
Adjunct Research Professor
(360) 546-9505
Life Sciences (VSCI) 215
Associate Professor
(360) 546-9525
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230
Nick Strigul
Assistant Professor
(360) 546-9655
Life Sciences (VSCI) 130J
Associate Professor
(360) 546-9724
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230D
Associate Professor
(360) 546-9466
Multimedia (VMMC) 102S

Adjunct Faculty

(360) 546-9630
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230
Postdoctoral Researcher
(360) 546-9390
Life Sciences (VSCI) 18B
Photo of Brian Tissot
Professor, School of the Environment
(360) 546-9611
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230Q


Research Technologist Supervisor
(360) 546-9220
Life Sciences (VSCI) 215
Academic Coordinator
(360) 546-9459
Life Sciences (VSCI) 130E
Instruction and Classroom Support Technician 4
(360) 546-9628
Life Sciences (VSCI) 110
Program Assistant
(360) 546-9636
Life Sciences (VSCI) 230
Research Associate
(360) 546-9353
Life Sciences (VSCI) 18A