Primary Contact
(360) 546-9750
Academic Director
Donna Paul
(360) 546-9105


Scholarly Assistant Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 208N
(360) 546-9492
Bamboo Chen
Assistant Professor of Hospitality Business Management
Classroom (VCLS) 308 M
(360) 546-9516
Xinghua Gao
Associate Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 308Q
(360) 546-9757
Susan He
Scholarly Assistant Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 308U
(360) 546-9755
Rick Howell
Classroom (VCLS) 210
(360) 546-9610
Nanu Iyer
Program Director, Integrated Strategic Communication || Scholarly Associate Professor, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication
Classroom (VCLS) 208S
(360) 546-9176
Alex Kier
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Classroom (VCLS) 308S
(360) 546-9753
Julie Nelsen
Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Professional Sales
Classroom (VCLS) 308L
Donna Paul
Associate Professor of Finance
Classroom (VCLS) 308 D
(360) 546-9105
Alberto Sa Vinhas
Associate Professor of Marketing
Classroom (VCLS) 308N
(360) 546-9146
Jennifer Sandstrom
Tod and Maxine McClaskey Foundation Endowed Chair in Hospitality Business Management; Associate Professor, Career-Track
Classroom (VCLS) 308V
(360) 546-9109
Ronny Sailors
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Classroom (VCLS) 308G
(360) 546-9258
Avery Smith
Scholarly Assistant Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 308R
(360) 546-9169
Douglas Steck
Classroom (VCLS) 210
(360) 546-9264
Tom Tripp
Rom Markin Leadership Chair in Business, Professor of Management, Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Classroom (VCLS) 308E
(360) 546-9754
Professor of Marketing
Classroom (VCLS) 208Q
(360) 546-9760
Ao Wang
Visiting Assistant Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 308K
(360) 546-9517
Benjamin Warnick
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Classroom (VCLS) 308U
(360) 546-9765
Li Xu
Associate Professor of Accounting
Classroom (VCLS) 308
(360) 546-9656


Lisa Baden
Administrative Manager
Classroom (VCLS) 308C
(360) 546-9749
Kerby Boschee
Senior Manager, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement
Classroom (VCLS) 308A
(360) 546-9533
Laura Min
Academic Coordinator
Classroom (VCLS) 218C
(360) 546-9551
Academic Advisor
Classroom (VCLS) 225
Nicole Smith
Experiential Learning and Employer Engagement Coordinator
Classroom (VCLS) 218A
Administrative Specialist
Classroom (VCLS) 308
(360) 546-9538


Jane Cote
Professor Emeritus
Joe Cote
Professor Emeritus
Jerry Goodstein
Professor Emeritus
Claire Latham
Professor Emeritus
Ron Pimentel
Professor Emeritus
Gregory Rose
Professor Emeritus
Debra Sanders
Professor Emeritus