Primary Contact
Jen Barnes
(360) 546-9640


Renny Christopher
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dengerink Administration Building (VDEN) 208
(360) 546-9583
Desiree Hellegers
Associate Professor, Department of English, Affiliated Faculty, Collective for Social and Environmental Justice
Multimedia (VMMC) 202V
(503) 927-1709
Thabiti Lewis
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dengerink Administration Building (VDEN) 212
(360) 546-9468
Meagan Lobnitz
English Instructor
Multimedia (VMMC) 202P
(360) 546-9488
Pavithra Narayanan
Associate Professor of English, and Interim Co-Academic Director of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Multimedia (VMMC) 202F
(360) 546-9732
Wendy Olson
Associate Professor of English, Director of Composition and Writing Assessment
Multimedia (VMMC) 102K
(360) 546-9513
Leonard Orr
Professor, Department of English
Multimedia (VMMC) 102W
(360) 546-9086
Johanna Phelps
Assistant Professor, Director of Technical and Professional Writing
Multimedia (VMMC) 102R
(360) 546-9729
Kandy Robertson
Clinical Associate Professor, Writing Center Coordinator
Library (VLIB) 203B
(360) 546-9651
Carol Siegel
Professor of English and American Studies
Multimedia (VMMC) 202S
(360) 546-9641

Adjunct Faculty

Howard Aaron
Multimedia (VMMC) 102
(503) 816-2742
Adjunct Faculty
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
Jessica Lorenz
Adjunct Instructor
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
(360) 546-9640
Adjunct faculty
Multimedia (VMMC) 202P
(360) 546-9640
Regina McMenomy
Affiliate Faculty, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Instructor, English
Multimedia (VMMC) 207
(360) 546-9425
Billy Merck
Adjunct Faculty
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
(360) 546-9445
Raul Moreno
English Instructor
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
(360) 546-9441
Brogan Sullivan
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
(360) 546-9640
Chrys Tobey
English Instructor
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P

Graduate Students / Research Assistants

Abhik Mukherjee
Postdoctoral researcher
Multimedia (VMMC) 202S
(360) 356-8081


Jen Barnes
Program Coordinator - Liberal Arts Graduate Program
Multimedia (VMMC) 202 second floor reception
(360) 546-9640
Katrina Choi
Academic Coordinator
Science (VSCI) 130B
(360) 546-9664
Shellynda Michalek
Minor Advisor
Science (VSCI) 130
(360) 546-9106