Languages, Cultures, and Race

Primary Contact
Janet DeWitt
(360) 546-9720
Program Leader
Cassandra Gulam
(360) 546-9416


Cassandra Gulam
Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Culture, Career Track
Multimedia (VMMC) 202W
(360) 546-9416

Adjunct Faculty

David Hatch
Adjunct Faculty of Foreign Languages & Cultures
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
María Lee-López
Adjunct Faculty of Spanish Language and Culture
Multimedia (VMMC) 202P
(360) 546-9488
Marlene McMichael
Adjunct Faculty of Spanish Language and Cultures
Willow Zheng
Adjunct Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
(360) 546-9445

Graduate Students / Research Assistants

Abigail Romero
Teaching Assistant
(509) 335-8371


Janet DeWitt
Secretary Senior
Classroom (VCLS) 208
(360) 546-9720
Jessica Judd
Language Learning Resource Center Monitor / Spanish Tutor
Classroom (VCLS) 224