Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Program Director
Pamela Thoma
(509) 335-4382


Peter Boag
Professor and Columbia Chair in the History of the American West
Multimedia (VMMC) 102M
(360) 546-9719
Renny Christopher
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dengerink Administration Building (VDEN) 208
(360) 546-9583
Marcelo Diversi
McClaskey (VMCB) 230
(360) 546-9170
Luz Maria Gordillo
Associate Professor and Program Leader of History; Campus Director of Faculty Equity and Outreach
Multimedia (VMMC) 202U
(360) 546-9099
Bonnie Hewlett
Assistant Professor, Career Track
Science (VSCI) 130M
(360) 546-9577
Katrina Leupp
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Multimedia (VMMC) 102X
(360) 546-9279
Laurie Mercier
Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 102V
(360) 546-9646
Pavithra Narayanan
Academic Director and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Associate Professor of English
Multimedia (VMMC) 202A
(360) 546-9732
Sue Peabody
Meyer Distinguished Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 202D
(360) 546-9647
Kandy Robertson
Clinical Associate Professor, Writing Center Coordinator
Library (VLIB) 203B
(360) 546-9651
Assistant Professor
McClaskey (VMCB) 225
(360) 546-9733
Carol Siegel
Professor of English and American Studies
Multimedia (VMMC) 202S
(360) 546-9641
Elizabeth Soliday
Academic Director and Professor, Human Development
McClaskey (VMCB) 231
(360) 546-9727
Nanette Thrush
Lecturer, Fine Arts
Multimedia (VMMC) 202P
(360) 546-9488