Social Science

Primary Contact
Linda Campbell
(360) 546-9441


Associate Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 208B
(360) 546-9255
Luz Maria Gordillo
Associate Professor and Program Leader of History; Chair of the Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Multimedia (VMMC) 202U
(360) 546-9099
Sue Peabody
Meyer Distinguished Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 202D
(360) 546-9647
Mark Stephan
Associate Professor
Classroom (VCLS) 208V
(360) 546-9467


Erin Leverman
Academic Advisor
Science (VSCI) 130
(360) 546-9451
Shellynda Michalek
Minor Advisor
Science (VSCI) 130
(360) 546-9106