Andra Chastain
Assistant Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 202K
Steven Fountain
Clinical Assistant Professor/Campus Director of Native American Affairs
Classroom (VCLS) 208T
Luz María Gordillo
Associate Professor of History; Chair of Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Multimedia (VMMC) 202U
Candice Goucher
Multimedia (VMMC) 202K
Laurie Mercier
Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 102V
Sue Peabody
Meyer Distinguished Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 202D
Jennifer Schaeffer
Postdoctoral Fellow and Instructor
Multimedia (VMMC) 202N
Xiuyu Wang
Associate Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 102U
Aaron Whelchel
Instructor and Advisor
Science (VSCI) 130

Adjunct Faculty

Chris Foss
Adjunct Professor
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
Nicholas Harrington
Instructor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
Karen Hoppes-Fischer
Adjunct Faculty
Multimedia (VMMC) 200
Donna Sinclair
Adjunct Professor of History
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P
Barbara Traver
Multimedia (VMMC) 102P

Graduate Students / Research Assistants

Ph.D. Student/Teaching Assistant
Multimedia (VMMC) 207
Ph.D. Candidate
Multimedia (VMMC) 207


Linda Campbell
Secretary Senior
Multimedia (VMMC) 102
Shellynda Michalek
Minor Advisor
Science (VSCI) 130


Jackie Peterson
Professor Emerita of History